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How to Prevent Sell FFXI GIL Menstruation

In summer, women often sat in office for a long period in cold Sell FFXI GIL air, it may affect ovarian function, so that ovulation will be disorder to lead to irregular menstruation, abdominal pain and bloating.

Women who like to swim should be alert: no matter you swim in the sea or the swimming pool, female friends should also be taken to prevent the cold. If the water temperature is low, it is best not to water, even you are in the water, and you could not "fight."

You must not neglect the feet warm. Everyone knows, the feet are very easy get cold in summer, such as too much time to touch cold water, expose feet during the sleep time, have the habits to barefoot, and these cases will make feet cold, thereby affecting menstruation. Walking with barefoot on the floor and open overnight will make women get cold to cause menstruation.

Unable to control their mouth is feminine "normal." Ice cream and cold drinks in the summer is the favorite for many women.  Bulimia, during menstruation easily leads to irregular menstruation.

There are many people to lead to irregular menstruation because of this kind of lifestyle and living environment. Many women eat very little, or even eat rice in pursuit of slim, which results in reduced menstruation, amenorrhea lot.

In summer, how to prevent menstruation?

Keeping a happy and avoiding mental stimulation and mood swings are very important. Some people will have swollen abdomen, backache, breast tenderness, mild diarrhea, fatigue, drowsiness, mood swings, irritability, and depression in the menstrual period. They are normal phenomena, so female should not worry about these.

Pay attention to health to prevent infection. Female should note that the external genitalia hygiene. Menstrual period must not be sexual intercourse. Keep warm and avoid cold stimulation.

Female should not eat raw, sour, spicy food and drink more water to keep the stool. Heat by pre-menstrual blood should eat fresh fruits and vegetables, do not eat garlic chives and ginger to stimulate the transport of fire thing. Blood virtual who usually need to increase nutrition, such as milk, eggs, milk, liver, spinach, pork, chicken, lamb, etc., eat raw fruits.

If there is necessary, you can use some professional physiological care products, which have a good conditioning effect for endocrine disorders of women.

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