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Female Should Not Eat Coffee during the Menstrual Sell RS Gold Period

Green tea is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, tannic acid, potassium, calcium, Sell RS Gold magnesium, phosphorus and other trace elements, which can promote digestion of food, and have a light-weight to lose weight, enhance immunity, eliminate fatigue, refreshing and preventing tumor effect. Because of it have the effect to protect the skin smooth and white and reduce the wrinkle, so it is very popular among the females. Green tea is good, but it is not suitable for menstruating women to drink.

Caffeine in the tea can excite nerve center to make the spirit of excitement, it will increase women’s dysmenorrheal, headache, backache and other menstrual reactions, and green tea belongs cool drinks. Chinese medicine thought cool drinks will lead to blood stagnation and blood running sluggish; even will cause abdominal pain, menstrual clot more, or menstruation, amenorrhea, infertility and other diseases.

Menstrual important element of human hemoglobin synthesis iron will drain, so we will recommend that women eat more iron-rich foods. The tannic acid in tea, it will combine with the iron to form insoluble salts, affect the body's absorption of iron molecules. And with the convergence effect of tannic acid, can slow down bowel movements, causing stool stuck in the intestines, so often heavier menstrual women prone to constipation symptoms.

For female who has been to develop long-term habit of drinking tea, the menstrual period suddenly stops drinking tea, there may be some not adapt, and then you can try to gargle with tea way to transition, not only to overcome the tea addiction, but also to keep the mouth health. In addition to green tea, black tea although sexual warm, it is inappropriate menstrual drinking, you can drink water instead of brown sugar, not only taste sweet, but also promoting blood circulation, warm up and strength.

During menstruation, energy, stamina and resistance will reduce, so female is not suitable for running, jumping and other strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor in order to avoid backache abdominal fall, such as excessive.

Many women menstrual period have tension, irritability, insomnia and other symptoms, the caffeine in coffee and tea will make these symptoms worse.

Many women will have a "premenstrual or menstrual syndrome", which easily are irritated or annoyed. If they do not pay attention to exercise restraint, it easily leads to irregular menstruation. 

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